Hi everyone,

since I'm developing a PHP-based forum, and still improving it, I was
wondering about some issue. I'm having registered users, and keep their data
in a dbase. When they log in, data is retrieved from the database.

Now some slight "problem" comes up. I'm working on an account on a server
with various websites on it, and a MySQL-server which is also used by many
site with this hosting company. Since we already had some troubles with this
company, and we were obliged to reprogram many features to make sure the
server wouldn't flip anymore. First they complained about CPU-usage,
afterwards, it was MySQL-connections (since I make many)...

I'm not asking you guys to tell me to turn over to a dedicated server,
because within a few months, this will probably happen. But this situation
brought up a question to my mind, and I can 't find the answer in the
manuals or sites that I know...

Finally, the question :-) : Which would result in a higher server-load
(assume everything is running on one machine):  user-validation through
sessions or by checking the SID in a MySQL-dbase?

Thx for all advice you guys can give...


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