Just have a look around for a counter script which uses file locking, then
port it to suit your needs, or check out the flock() example that *i think*
there is in the manual.

phpbuilder.com or zend.com or the rest are bound to have a script.

Justin French

on 22/05/02 11:38 PM, Nick Wilson ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

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> hi all
> I have to build a php 'survey' app. but cannot use a db,
> clearly text files are the way but I wondered, before I start if any of
> you have done similar and might offer any words of wisdom?
> Are there any inherent problems I need be aware of for example (I can
> already think of one: what if 2 people try to vote at the same time?)
> Just some general thoughts would be greatly appreciated ;)
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