It's just a warning, not an error. It's probably always been there, but your
error reporting was set to a level that didn't display it. Turn your error
reporting level up in php.ini. it's set lower in PHP 4.1+ than it has been
in the past.

Best fix is to of course not use the mysql_db_query() function...

---John Holmes...

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Sent: Wednesday, May 22, 2002 11:38 AM
Subject: [PHP] Help .. deprecated messages

> Hello php-general,
> We have recently hand a system melt down <sigh>.
> After reinstalling apache, PHP4 and Mysql I then copied/restored from
> backup the files(data and all).
> Using phpmyadmin (2x) or infact any of my previous applications I get
> errors like the following ..
> Warning: mysql_db_query is deprecated; use mysql_select_db() and
> mysql_query() instead in c:\program files\apache
> group\apache\htdocs\phpmyadmin\ on line 506
> Once again .. note that this is not just phpmyadmin.  All my apps seem
> to be doing this type of error.
> So my question is ... why would I be getting this now?  I have
> restored in this manor before.
> What did I miss in this?
> I can send the phpinfo page if necessary
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> Best regards,
>  Dtsig                          mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
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