First thanks for the note.

1JWH> It's just a warning, not an error. It's probably always been there, but your
1JWH> error reporting was set to a level that didn't display it. Turn your error
1JWH> reporting level up in php.ini. it's set lower in PHP 4.1+ than it has been
1JWH> in the past.

I probably didn't make myself clear .. once installed (in case of any
registry settings .. I HATE windows registry) I copied the old
directories (php, mysql and apache) back over the top of the new
directories. I also copied mysql.ini and php.ini from the old windows
directory to the new windows directory.

This was all done in hopes that I would then have the exact same setup
as before ...

So why would I be getting this message now?

By the way .. here is the bit from the original/current php.ini  You
will note that it does all ...

error_reporting  =  E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE

; Print out errors (as a part of the output).  For production web sites,
; you're strongly encouraged to turn this feature off, and use error logging
; instead (see below).  Keeping display_errors enabled on a production web site
; may reveal security information to end users, such as file paths on your Web
; server, your database schema or other information.
display_errors = On

; Even when display_errors is on, errors that occur during PHP's startup
; sequence are not displayed.  It's strongly recommended to keep
; display_startup_errors off, except for when debugging.
display_startup_errors = Off

; Log errors into a log file (server-specific log, stderr, or error_log (below))
; As stated above, you're strongly advised to use error logging in place of
; error displaying on production web sites.
log_errors = Off

; Store the last error/warning message in $php_errormsg (boolean).
track_errors = Off

; String to output before an error message.
;error_prepend_string = "<font color=ff0000>"

; String to output after an error message.
;error_append_string = "</font>"

; Log errors to specified file.
;error_log = filename

; Log errors to syslog (Event Log on NT, not valid in Windows 95).
;error_log = syslog

; Warn if the + operator is used with strings.
warn_plus_overloading = Off

1JWH> Best fix is to of course not use the mysql_db_query() function...

I agree .. and will do this as the time permits

Thanks again

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1JWH> Sent: Wednesday, May 22, 2002 11:38 AM
1JWH> Subject: [PHP] Help .. deprecated messages

>> Hello php-general,
>> We have recently hand a system melt down <sigh>.
>> After reinstalling apache, PHP4 and Mysql I then copied/restored from
>> backup the files(data and all).
>> Using phpmyadmin (2x) or infact any of my previous applications I get
>> errors like the following ..
>> Warning: mysql_db_query is deprecated; use mysql_select_db() and
>> mysql_query() instead in c:\program files\apache
>> group\apache\htdocs\phpmyadmin\ on line 506
>> Once again .. note that this is not just phpmyadmin.  All my apps seem
>> to be doing this type of error.
>> So my question is ... why would I be getting this now?  I have
>> restored in this manor before.
>> What did I miss in this?
>> I can send the phpinfo page if necessary
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>> Best regards,
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