Alliteration at its finest...

This is slightly off-topic, so please reply offlist. It's a MySQL question
that I'm hoping someone can help me with. I figure since a large portion of
PHP programmers also use MySQL, this is a valid question to at least -post-
here. If I'm completely off about this, please let me know. I HAVE read the
relevant portions of the MySQL manual, FYI.

I discussed this a bit on the list a few weeks ago, it's about a project I'm
working on to consolidate 75 playlists into a database sortable by song,
album, and artist.

I have 3 tables as was suggested, one for songs, one for albums, one for
artists. Each has two columns, one being whatever information I'm entering,

I have 3 other tables containing two MEDIUMINT columns, these link each of
the 3 others. I have:

Each is setup so that the records represent 'links' - for example,
artists_tracks has artist_id and track_id columns. Each record is made up of
an artist_id and a matching track_id.

My problem is, when querying some records are lost. But only on a certain
query. For instance:
SELECT tracks.tracks, artists.artists
FROM tracks, artists, artists_tracks
WHERE = artists_tracks.track_id AND =

This works. It returns 614 records, each track mated with it's relative
artist. This same query works using albums and the tracks_albums table,
returning 614 records as well. Matching up albums to artists returns 413
records, which is the correct number.

However, the following query returns 451 instead of the expected 614 and I
can find no distinguishable pattern as to the records dropped:
SELECT tracks.tracks, albums.albums, artists.artists
FROM tracks, albums, artists, tracks_albums, albums_artists, artists_tracks
WHERE = tracks_albums.track_id AND =
AND = albums_artists.album_id  AND =
AND = artists_tracks.artist_id  AND =

I've tried LEFT JOIN as well, and have tried numerous other suggestions out
of the manual, but everything turns up 451 records. I haven't been able to
track down WHY records are missing - it seems almost random. If I sort by
album, sometimes all songs from an album have been listed, sometimes only 3
of 5 or 7 of 10 are missing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated and I apolgize again for posting this
question here if it upsets anyone. I'm just really frustrated right now and
not wanting to join yet another mailing list for one question. Please reply
offlist. Thanks in advance.

Jason Soza

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