I think I'm a little more embarrassed than anything - I don't get upset!
Thanks for letting me know, though.

BTW, did you know that www.gremlins.com.hk doesn't turn up anything? I get a
"Cannot find server or DNS error"

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On Thursday 23 May 2002 12:07, you wrote:
> I'm sorry.
> I'm used to other lists where occasional off-topic posts are tolerated a
> little more. Didn't know really how this list would react, but I thought
> I'd give it a shot.

For me it probably depends on the circumstances. For instance if the list
low volume then I might be more inclined to tolerate (slightly) OT posts.
the php is such a high volume list and having to trawl through non-relevant
posts can be daunting.

> I've subscribed to the MySQL list and have posted my message there as

good :)

> In the future I'll not post any off-topic stuff. Thanks,

Thanks for your understanding, some people get mighty upset when you ask
to stop posting OT stuff.

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