On Thursday 23 May 2002 20:01, r wrote:
> Greetings people,
> Special greetings to all of you who have helped me, sorry I have not
> written your names but this list is so helpful that if I wrote all the
> names down you would have to scroll 2 pages I guess.
> Anyway, I am changing residence and computers soon, I once read a few days
> back on the net that there is a package that automatically installs Apache,
> PHP, MySql,Perl, GD and ZLib, I just want to know  if this is true and if
> any of you have the address/package ? I searched on google unsucessfully,
> maybe coz i used the wrong keywords or maybe coz i have not slept properly
> for days and its now 5am...I just dont know.
> If any of you know the address or such a sort of program/installation
> please tell me as I dont want to try setting up the whole thing and 7 hours
> again....


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