Thanks Dave,

I tried that one, and the results were "interesting". I reverted to the 
<table> method (I should have thought of it earlier, seeing that I had just 
used it in the lines just before [go figure!], but my mind was too frazzled 
to see it.

Now I've got the text sitting nicely beside the pix, but no matter what I try 
(i.e. <td cellpadding="5"> or whatever, the text butts right to the left 
margin, and won't format nicely -- it looks, in three words "ugly and 
unprofessional". It offends my typsetting days!

Is there any way I can set the margins for the test, in particular, the left 

Code is now:

        print "<br><td bgcolor='#ACE'><table border=0><td align='left'>
        <td cellpadding='5>'<img src='709-2585.jpg' width='120'
        height='120' alt=' '/></a></td>
        <td bgcolor='#ACE'><td cellpadding='5'>{$_SESSION['desc']}</td>

Any ideas?

On Thursday 23 May 2002 07:43 pm, you wrote:
>  > I want an image (aligned on the left side) with text beside
>  > it (aligned in the center). That sounds simple enough. But try as I
> may, I
>  > can't get it to work.
>  >
>  > *************************************************************
>  > print "<br><div align='left'><img src='709-2585.jpg' width='120'
>  > height='120' alt=' '/></a></div><div
>  > align='center'>{$_SESSION['desc']}</div><br>";
>  > *************************************************************
>  >
>  > The pix is on the left where it should be, but the text
>  > isn't centered, but hangs either just underneath the pix. I've seen
> many sites
>  > with this layout. Perhaps they've separated the image/text. But I
> can't figure
>  > out how they did it.
> Wrapping something in a <div> will often get you an implied <br>
> depending on the circumstances.  If you want text centred beside an
> image that's not the most obvious solution is probably a table.
> However, you might also try this (which is completely untested but may
> do what you want...)
> <div align="center">
>   <img src="image.jpg" width=120 height=120 alt="" align="left">
>   some text here, whatever...
> </div>
> I tend to think that centering is over-used in many web pages so I don't
> often mix things like this but it may well produce the behaviour you're
> looking for.
> CYA, Dave

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