Hi Dave,

Well, I "sort of" solved it by adding:


in a few judicious places. Renders well in Konqueror, Mozilla, and Galeon. 
Btw, I've been using CSS, and thought of doing it there, but it's a lot of 
trouble for only one table.


On Thursday 23 May 2002 11:00 pm, you wrote:
>  > Now I've got the text sitting nicely beside the pix, but no
>  > matter what I try (i.e. <td cellpadding="5"> or whatever,
>  > the text butts right to the left margin,
> First option is to insert cellpadding or cellspacing in your <table> tag
> - that's where it get's set for the whole table.  A possible solution
> could include using hspace=10 in your image tag (don't know if that
> would be swallowed up in the table layout though).  Another option would
> be to use styles - define a style for putting padding around something
> and then use that style for your test (or probably your image for that
> matter).
> CYA, Dave

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