I have been playing with Limez that seems to work very well with mysql and 
virtual domains.
More info at http://www.limez.net/

At 04:15 AM 24/05/2002, Chad Day wrote:
>I'm looking for PHP/MySQL based mailing list software for a project I'm
>doing.. I plan on hosting a bunch of virtual domains and having to set up
>mailing lists for all of them, and I don't want to go installing a new copy
>of the software for each virtual domain.  The rest of the site is in PHP and
>uses a MySQL back-end for user-authentication and authentication to other
>software (tying in a bulletin board/forum login, and some other custom
>things), so I definetly want MySQL involved for the authentication.
>Any suggestions?  I've been poking around for a little while and I haven't
>really seen anything addressing the virtual domain issue.. I'm sure there's
>something out there, ISPs and such have to be using something, I just don't
>know what it is..
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