I would like to hear from anyone who have possibly worked on 
implementing a smartcard solution to controll access to a website.
I am looking into possibilities for a proposal, and one of the 
requirements of the client is that the system data has to be accessible 
via the web, and that the access to the information has to be extremely 
The administrators of the site as well as the clients will need to be 
verified with ( ideally ) smartcards.
Obviously, you can deduct from this that the system will not 
neccessarily be implemented on the internet, but most probably WAN. It 
looks like the clients or "users" of the system will be physically 
required to be in front of a terminal connected to the system ( and it 
will have a smartcard reader)
I have never worked with smartcards before, and am not sure how one 
would ( if possible) integrate or pass the "access" signal through to 
the php/mysql pages.
Also, the "user" stations will most probably be Microsoft machines, but 
the servers will most definately be Linux, and if possible, I would like 
to have a smartcard verification solution on the servers as well ( this 
is not THAT, important, but seeing that the administrators might also 
want to work from Linux boxes, I would like to know if it can be done on 
a Linux platform).

So, in a nutshell, it's almost like a normal "postoffice" scenario. 
People will come to visit the establishment and produce their smartcard 
to verify their identity to the "clerks" who will then be able to 
transact via a webinterface with the servers.

Hope this is clear enough??
PS, I'm not trying to be cryptic, it's really all I know and most are 
deductions I made myself from reading the initial drafts.

Thanks for any help.

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