Hi Guys,

 I need a PHP script that will allow me to upload/download chmod files etc
 a remote server...
 I know there are loads of these scripts out there but being a newbie to PHP
 I really dont know which one is good...
 can you recomend any? coming from Java I love PHP so would appreciate if
 would recomend only a php script and not perl,servlet,asp etc.
 Another problem is my webserver is something like

 all cgi scripts will have to be put in the cgi-bin directory of course but
 must be called like this mysite.com/cgibin/script.pl

 the php script should allow me access to this directory too!

 ANY ideas or recomendations will be deeply appreciated esp from John
 Jason Wong, Miguel Cruz coz you guys are really brainy and have helped me
 the past so I know your advise is supurb.
 I would tip my hat to you, but dont wear one...;-)

 -Ryan A.

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