Hey there,
Guess you too are a newbie,
anyway, have been doing what you think is impossible for years using perl
and servlets without any problems,
And I know its possible with PHP too, since its possible i'm pretty sure
someone has used it in some app already or is going too, the php community
The problem is I have been using it on servers with paths to cgi something
like this


but now the new path i have is

/home/cgi-bin/mydotTLD/ which of course resolves to http://mydotTLD/cgi-bin/
and I will need to administrator the files in the cgi-bin too.

Any ideas?


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> I'm not an expert but that doesn't sound like it's
> possible.  I mean if you could upload files and
> chmod them on a remote server you would have some
> serious security issues.  The only thing I can
> think of is you could upload files to your remote
> datebase.
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> Subject: [PHP] PHP script
>  Hi Guys,
>  I need a PHP script that will allow me to
> upload/download chmod files etc
> on
>  a remote server...
>  I know there are loads of these scripts out there
> but being a newbie to PHP
>  I really dont know which one is good...
>  can you recomend any? coming from Java I love PHP
> so would appreciate if
> you
>  would recomend only a php script and not
> perl,servlet,asp etc.
>  Another problem is my webserver is something like
>  /wtn/cgi-bin/www/
>  all cgi scripts will have to be put in the
> cgi-bin directory of course but
>  must be called like this
> mysite.com/cgibin/script.pl
>  the php script should allow me access to this
> directory too!
>  ANY ideas or recomendations will be deeply
> appreciated esp from John
> Holmes,
>  Jason Wong, Miguel Cruz coz you guys are really
> brainy and have helped me
> in
>  the past so I know your advise is supurb.
>  I would tip my hat to you, but dont wear
> one...;-)
>  Cheers,
>  -Ryan A.
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