Smarty is the only one that I really remember, as far as template

There are others, like FastTemplate. Do a search on Google or
SourceForge and you'll come up with a couple dozen. 

What they do is separate the code from presentation. Instead of having
code in your HTML file to display how many hits the page has gotten,
you'd have a tag like {accessed_per_day}. The template engine will do
the function to get the number and replace {accessed_per_day} with the
appropriate number. 

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> > Can PHP do that? Of course. Can it do it that easily right out of
> > box. No. Just like the RXML backend is already written that parses
> > <accessed per="day" /> into the appropriate number, the backend
> > have to be written for PHP to do the same thing. You'd have to write
> > template engine, basically, that'll look for special tags and do the
> > appropriate PHP functions when it encounters them.
> >
> > I think you'd be far better off learning PHP and just adapting an
> > existing template engine to suit your needs. There are plenty of
> > out there.
> I have no problem with learning PHP, I like it alot. But in some
> instances,
> I like the RXML approcah better.
> You talk about template engines, what are they and can you name some
> examples?
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