I got it now, thanks a lot. For some reason Mozilla won't let me post to the

I've used your answer, and another one, and have already made a simple php
script to test the variable and echo "passed" or "failed"

 I'm modifying a php application and the admin file is named "index.php"
[yes that's right] and access to it is not protected.

The application is not very critical and there is no particularly sensitive
material in the DB.  So, I set the .htaccess file to default to the user's
file and thought I'd make access to the "index.php" a little secure with a
password. I've seen other applications with this technique.

Thanks again,


"Al" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> I hope this posting is not a duplicate.  I originally posted it yesterday,
> but it doesn't show on the newsgroup for me.
> Apparently you can set a variable as part of a URL statement.  For
> www.company.com/index.php?admin=password.
> Where "password" might be a simple variable to test as a rudimentary
> authorization password.
> I can't find anything like this on the php website or manual.
> Can someone point me in the right direction?
> Thanks....

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