Do you know what the security problems are? Do you realise that having
register_globals on or off isn't the security problem, it's how you write
your code? If you're not going to change any of your code, just turn on
register_globals. Changing your code to _POST or _GET and doing nothing else
isn't making it any more secure that using it the way it is with
register_globals on.

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Subject: [PHP] 4.2.1 Vars

> After moving to php 4.2.1 my scripts that use xxx.php?blah=4 fail to work.
> I know that i need to turn register_globals on in my config, however I
> that there are security problems with this.  So bascially I need to know
> how to make 500+ scripts work without editing a bunch of files to make it
> so that all my get and post vars start with $_POST and $_GET
> any ideas?
> ~kurth
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