Dear fellars at

It appears to me that there is something wrong with the mail() function,

I've got an Apache 2.0.36 webserver in an Windows XP environment,
now everythin seems to work just fine until I try to execute this:

mail("[EMAIL PROTECTED]", "My Subject", "Line 1\r\nLine 2\r\nLine3");

it's almost the same code as on your web site but I changed the 
[EMAIL PROTECTED] to my own e-mail adress so I would be able to see if 
I've got the mail. I tried severeal ways (somethin with IMAP or such?) but 
since I'm a php newbie it is quite hard to find understandable 

I hope you are well informed by now and you can come up with some sort of an 


Jochem Kempe

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