Jonas ? wrote:

> 1. I'm building this community thing and I have a text file with the 
> users that is currently logged in. When they press logout there name 
> is deleted from the textfile, but if they just close there browser or 
> surf to another site there name is still in the text-file until they 
> log out next time. Any ideas how to avoid this? 

What you should do is save for each user the last time he was "seen" in 
the site: the value of this time is updated for each page he or she 
loads. Then, when checking to see if a user is currently logged in, you 
check how long ago was he last seen. If it was more than X 
seconds/minutes/etc. (this is for you to set), she is considered 
"offline" and you can remove him from the file.

Best Regards,
Sagie Maoz

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