I really hope someone can help me here!! LOL!!

I'm in the process of moving a site that utilises PHP and MySQL to another 
server. The move has gone well, and I have successfully edited most of the 
scripts, or rewritten them to work in their new location... however... I am 
having a problem with this one...

It's a script (written by someone else) to upload special offers to a DB. 
Simple so far... well, it includes an image upload section. The script seems 
to automatically grab and store the name, height, width, etc of the image. 
I'm getting two major errors:

Warning: Unable to create '../specialoffer_images/specoffpicone.jpg': 
Permission denied in 

ged.php on line 45

Warning: Cannot add header information - headers already sent by (output 
started at 

ged.php:45) in 

ged.php on line 82

The directories are permissiond correctly, and I've tried so many different 
ways to point the the locations... Here's the sections that I seem to have 
probs with:

if($specoffpicone != "none"){
copy($specoffpicone, $complete_image_one);
if($specoffpictwo != "none"){
copy($specoffpictwo, $complete_image_two);
if($specoffpicthree != "none"){
copy($specoffpicthree, $complete_image_three);


header("Location: ../special_offers.php");

The directory is referenced like this:

$dir = "../specialoffer_images/";

I know this is a long mail, but I've been trying all sorts, and searching all 

over for clues, and I'm extremely tired, frsutrated, and very stuck. I need a 

helping hand, please!! If you need/want to see the whole script, just ask, 
it's not too big.


Greg Watson

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