> > Warning: Unable to create
 > > '../specialoffer_images/specoffpicone.jpg': Permission denied in 
 > > 
 > /home/virtual/loverskey/home/httpd/html/specialoffer_admin/sp
 > ecial_off
 > > ers_changed.php on line 45

 > > The directories are permissiond correctly, and I've tried so many

 > Nope, they can't be. Otherwise you wouldn't get 'permission 
 > denied' Go to that directory and try:
 > chmod 777 the_problem_dir

The problem may well be that it's a parent directory without the
appropriate permissions.  You need to give the web server user (on unix
it's often nobody or apache or some such) access to the entire directory
tree up to an including the directory where you want to store the file.

 > Should work though someone else can probably tell you and me 
 > how to avoid the 777 securtity risk that will cause ;-)

For every directory except the one that you actually want to create the
files in you can use 755 instead.  This has the effect of letting people
'cd' to the directory but little else.  Then on the actual directory
where files are created you make it 777.  It's still a potential
security problem but a smaller one than having the whole tree wide open.

Actually, thinking about it, 744 might even let you do it - if I recall,
you basically only need to give execute permissions to let someone into
the directory but need read permissions to let them view contents.  The
key is that it _MUST_ include the entire tree that gets you to that

CYA, Dave

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