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> 1.  Does this image already exist in that dir?

Yes it does - the script is supposed to overwrite any image in the dir, and 
rename whatever you upload to a preset name, as far as I can see it. I've 
tried removing it from the server, and uploadig using the script, but then 
that clears all table entries (the script was written to delete all entries 
based on one field being left empty)

> 2.  from where the script is run if you 'cd ../path/to/dir' exactly as
> in the script, do you get there? eg. is the path 100% correct?

The path works in another script that utilises a simliar technique (but 
written by yet another person, so they differ considerably) How do I check 
the absolute path for sure? When I check through FTP, I can reach the same 
file through different ways...


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