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> > 1.  Does this image already exist in that dir?
> Yes it does - the script is supposed to overwrite any image in the dir, and 
> rename whatever you upload to a preset name, as far as I can see it. I've 
> tried removing it from the server, and uploadig using the script, but then 
> that clears all table entries (the script was written to delete all entries 
> based on one field being left empty)

Okay! I think I've got it. 
Get into the dir and do 'chmod 777 *' I reckon you have permissions on
the dir but not on the imgs.

> > 2.  from where the script is run if you 'cd ../path/to/dir' exactly as
> > in the script, do you get there? eg. is the path 100% correct?
> The path works in another script that utilises a simliar technique (but 
> written by yet another person, so they differ considerably) How do I check 
> the absolute path for sure? When I check through FTP, I can reach the same 
> file through different ways...

try 'pwd' from inside the dir

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