Sorry for posting this again so soon, but until I get sessions working,
I'm blocked on this project.


I'm just learning sessions, and thought the class looked interesting on
this page:

So I have this on an index.phtml page and I can see the variables are
being set and all looks good there, however upon successful "login" I
wish to redirect to content.phtml At the very top of content.phtml I

        if( $login->getSessionVar("login") ) 
                $booth_id = $login->getSessionVar("booth_id");
                $booth_name = $login->getSessionVar("booth_name");
                echo "\n<BR>booth_id = $booth_id and booth_name =
                Header("Location: ../index.phtml\n\n"); 

But it doesn't seem that $login exists or is defined now on this page? 

So my question is basically, how can I use the class and the session
variables across multiple pages? Do I need to move the class to an
include file? Do I need to re-create it on each page somehow? Can
someone show me a real working example of this scenario?

Daevid Vincent

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