> I can't say that I have moved over to the new superglobals 
> yet - I prefer register_globals cos I am lazy ;)

Given $myvar = 5;

If you use session_register('myvar');

Then on another page, do you just access it via $myvar?

And if that's the case, isn't it the same to set

$HTTP_SESSION_VARS['myvar'] = $myvar;
Or even
$GLOBALS['myvar'] = $myvar;
$_SESSION['myvar'] = $myvar;

Not that ANY of these are working for me *sigh*

> But it does seem that there are two possible variables that 
> you need to use - the one in your script 
> ($HTTP_SESSION_VARS), but this is only for 4.0.6 or less, it 
> is $_SESSION otherwise - what version do you have installed?

4.0.6 according to the phpinfo link on the page ;-)

> I made a very simple test page, and even that doesn't work:
> http://daevid.com/examples/index.phtml
> Notice how I have the right session_id, but the variable didn't pass 
> onto the second page.
> Can someone please explain to me what I am doing wrong?
> Do I not have PHP.ini configured properly or something?

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