On 30 May 2002, Jackson Miller wrote:
> Is there a way to create IMAP accounts using PHP? I have looked through
> all of the IMAP functions in PHP and do not see one for creating a new
> account.
> I would like to create a new IMAP account when a user registers for a
> website account.

I don't think the IMAP protocol has a mechanism for creating new accounts.

How you do it depends on the IMAP server you have.

If it's something like UW-IMAP, then you just need to create a standard 
login account (though hopefully without a usable shell). Search the 
archive for many discussions of the pros, cons, and mechanics of creating 
Unix system accounts through PHP.

If you're using Cyrus IMAP or some other system that keeps its own 
private account data, then you'll have to go through the API they provide. 
This is a preferable scenario for security reasons, but it's probably not 
an open choice at this point.


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