Sorry If this is the wrong list for this topic, I hope someone can shed some
light onto my problem.

I am building a php/ Mysql web site for a client which is a picture gallery.
The web site has 3 frames (required by the designer so that the whole thing
doesnt refresh all the time).
Frame 1- Navigation
Frame 2- Info on selected artworks and other related projects
Frame 3- The artworks/ jpegs

I have one table, with a name and info about the project and upto 5 urls of
where the jpeg lies.

When a project is selected in the navigation I request the record from the
database, I create an array which contains the location of the jpegs and
then display them in Frame 3.

Now, I then have a piece of javascript which tells frame 2 to update itself.
So I have parsed the record ID to it and it then open a query to the
database and outputs the relevant information about the artworks. Lastly a
third query is also sent to the database to see if there are any other
projects in the gallery by the same artist- and then create a list of
related links.

So I have 3 database queries over two pages.

I'm wondering if there is a more efficient way of doing this?

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