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> I am writing a function to construct page links within my 
> site; I want it to
> append the session id to the URL's query string if the client does not
> accept cookies (and ignore the session id if the client does accept
> cookies).
> How do I detect if the client browser accepts cookies?
> Indeed, has anyone got such a function as described above?

Yes -- and it's called PHP!

The following is taken from the online manual page at 

  The session module supports both methods. Cookies are optimal, but
  since they are not reliable (clients are not bound to accept them),
  we cannot rely on them. The second method embeds the session id
  directly into URLs. 

  PHP is capable of doing this transparently when compiled with
  --enable-trans-sid. If you enable this option, relative URIs will be
  changed to contain the session id automatically. Alternatively, you
  can use the constant SID which is defined, if the client did not
  send the appropriate cookie. SID is either of the form
  session_name=session_id or is an empty string. 



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