I'm using Outlook XP here and the link opens just fine.  The only
time I get that "locate link browser" window is if I hold the shift-key
down when clicking on the link.  (I typically link to open links in new
windows, so I hold the shift-key when clicking links - It will open the
link in a new browser window.)

   If you weren't hitting the shift-key, it could be possible that one
of your shift-keys are stuck, which is "emulating" the shift-click.  Not
much more I can tell you other than that, since the link (and all
others) work just fine for me in Outlook XP.

Jaime Bozza

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Sent: Friday, May 31, 2002 12:16 PM
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Subject: [PHP] PHP URLs not opening from email in Outlook XP

I just tried to open the PHP link about the Navy.  I'm running IE6
installed today, so no tweaks have been made) with Win2000.  When I
on the link in the email, a "locate link" window came up (similar to an
file window).  This does not happen on my coworker's machine.  The only
obvious difference between my computer and my coworker's computer is
I'm running Office XP and he's got Office 2000, so we've got different
versions of Outlook.

We are currently redoing our website so that the URL has all of the
identifiers for each graph, so the whole point is to have people graph
something, copy it into an email, and send it to someone so they get the
same graph.

Does this happen to anyone else?  Is there something we can do to
prevent it
from happening?



PS Here's the link that was sent, if you want to try it:

Natalie S. Leotta
Information Management Services, Inc.
(301) 680-9770

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