I have a csv file that I am parsing, formatting and then writting to a new 
file.  I am currently using an array, but I have some lines that might 
contain more data than others.  I know for sure that columns 0-33 will 
always be there, but the customer has the option to add another set of 
columns to the row if needed.  I do know that the addition's will always 
be 18 columns and I do know that they can add up to 15 set's of 18.  So, 
the row length could be 0-33 or 0-51 if they add one additional set or 303 
columns if they go up to 15.  

The tricky part is I have to format each column for the new file that is 
created, I do this using sprintf.  I have so far tried to use array_slice 
 for the first 18 columns, then I do another array_slice starting at 18 
and using the column count to get the last column in the row.  Here is the 

array_slice($fields, 18,$lineCount);
        foreach ($fields as $key => $value){
        print "$key|$value\r\n";

The format of the new file will be this:
01-Customer information
02-Other information
        03a Required Info (that can repeat up to 15 times per line)
        03b ""
        04b ""
04-Close Customer Record

Repeat cycle for each row.  The inner loop happens between the 02 and 04 
records.  Remember, I need to format each individual column, they are 
different format options.

If you have some thoughts, I would be all ears as I have been starring at 
this too long and too hard.  



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