The next time I stare at something so long I can't think straight remind
me to take a walk and pull out Rasmus' book!  Page 121 array_chunk is my

Code is ugly, but I am smiling now!   Thank you everyone!

$policy = array_slice ($fields, 18, $lineCount);  
// I am taking the array from position 18 to the end
$chunks = array_chunk ($policy, 34);  
// Using array_chunk I break the array into pieces of 34
        foreach ($chunks as $key => $value){
// The sleep is for me to watch it fly by the screen :)

Thanks again everyone.


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Ok, this did not work, but I have a new idea.  From the top....

1)Read in the csv file, take the first 18 records and insert them into a
temp db.    Ie:  $output = array_slice ($fields, 0, 17);

2)Then do a count on the line to see how many records are after 17 and
somehow loop through them 34 at a time.  

It is easy if there is only one set, but I am not sure how to take the
remaining elements in the array and break them out 34 at a time until I
reach the end of the line.  

Help, my head hurts and I have a habit of over thinking :)


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You may have been heading in the right direction originally with
array_slice...  This is off the top of my head, I don't guaruntee it

$start = 34;
$interval = 15;
$max = 303;
// hop across orig. array 15 columns at a time
for($offset = $start;
    $offset < $max && isset($array[$offset]);
    $offset += $interval){
  // slice off $interval many columns starting at $offset
  $sub_array = array_slice($array, $i, $interval);
  // handle your $interval many key-value pairs
  foreach ($sub_array as $key => $value){
    $policyWriter = "$quoteKey|$key|$value";
    // ...


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