On Saturday 01 June 2002 06:20, Daniel Grace wrote:
> > > language would in many cases show PHP to be slower simply because it's
> > > looping code is slow? [...]
> It is typical usage, yes, but the conversation that gave me the idea to do
> the quick speed comparison was the idea that PHP can be used for more than
> just web-scripting. I have a couple maintenance PHP scripts that run
> command-line (usually management/maintenance programs for a large PHP+MySQL
> app), and there is the entire php-gtk project as well. (The whole
> conversation started because I pondered the idea of maybe writing a Win32
> API extension for PHP)
> And a loop in PHP isn't exactly non-typical. I'd need more fingers and toes
> to count how many times I've wrote "while($row =
> mysql_fetch_assoc($result)) { ... }"

I would have thought that any inherent 'slowness' of looping code is 
insignificant compared to the time it takes to retrieve a row from a db.

Try comparing reading 10K rows from a DB using Perl and PHP would be a more 
useful benchmark.

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