I have found an alternate way of achieving what I want, but I'm wondering if
there was an easier way. I have a PHP file that builds a Web page that
includes forms. The forms are built dynamically based on the contents of a
file, and thus there may be one or two or more forms on the page at any
time. This means that I have controls named $btnChoice1 (first form),
$btnChoice2 (second form), etc. (radio buttons). All of these forms are of a
similar format, and so lead to the same PHP page in their action - a
parameter is passed in the URL to identify which form it came from.

When the form passes to its action file, another PHP file, there are two
ways to get form data: $_POST["control_name"] or $control_name. The problem
is, the control name I need has to be built dynamically based on which form
it came from. So I need this:

$btnName = "btnChoice" . $form_number ;

But now I have the tricky bit - $_POST[$btnName] doesn't work because it
requires nested substitution of variables, and similarly I can't echo
$btnName because that will of course use "btnChoice2" instead of the
_contents_ of the control named btnChoice2.

Is it possible to 'dereference' (whatever the term is) the variable name
twice? I tried


in the stupid hope that it would first interpret that to


and then interpret that to the contents of the control, but of course it

I ended up using foreach on $_POST to pull out control names and their
contents, and comparing the control name to my built-up name - but I was
wondering if there's a more elegant way of doing what I wanted?

Promise my next question to the group will be short {:v)

_ _
o o    Jason Teagle

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