You could give the button the same name in each form - only the fields in
between the <form</form> tags is actually submitted, then put a hidden field
in the form that uniquely identifies the data being submitted.

Just a thought... it is what I usually do...


"Jason Teagle" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> I have found an alternate way of achieving what I want, but I'm wondering
> there was an easier way. I have a PHP file that builds a Web page that
> includes forms. The forms are built dynamically based on the contents of a
> file, and thus there may be one or two or more forms on the page at any
> time. This means that I have controls named $btnChoice1 (first form),
> $btnChoice2 (second form), etc. (radio buttons). All of these forms are of
> similar format, and so lead to the same PHP page in their action - a
> parameter is passed in the URL to identify which form it came from.
> When the form passes to its action file, another PHP file, there are two
> ways to get form data: $_POST["control_name"] or $control_name. The
> is, the control name I need has to be built dynamically based on which
> it came from. So I need this:
> $btnName = "btnChoice" . $form_number ;
> But now I have the tricky bit - $_POST[$btnName] doesn't work because it
> requires nested substitution of variables, and similarly I can't echo
> $btnName because that will of course use "btnChoice2" instead of the
> _contents_ of the control named btnChoice2.
> Is it possible to 'dereference' (whatever the term is) the variable name
> twice? I tried
> $$btnName
> in the stupid hope that it would first interpret that to
> $btnChoice2
> and then interpret that to the contents of the control, but of course it
> failed.
> I ended up using foreach on $_POST to pull out control names and their
> contents, and comparing the control name to my built-up name - but I was
> wondering if there's a more elegant way of doing what I wanted?
> Promise my next question to the group will be short {:v)
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