I'm doing an affiliate program for a small company in PHP, but am stuck a
bit in the logic or thinking process....

I have a table with IdNo,clicks,month,year

the affiliates will get a link like this

every time I get a click from 775 in the table I am updating the table with
something like clicks=clicks+1 where month=6 and year=2002 and IdNo=775

My question is how do I get the current month/year from php or do I have to
query the database before every update to get month() and month(day)?

will I have to use something like
(for month) $mon=date(m);
(for year ) $yer=date(Y);

plus the main reason I am writing is to ask you gurus if I have the right
idea to make this work or is it done in some other way? Maybe you have done
a similar program and and can give me some valuble info/insight or wise
words? ;-)

OT- do you have any idea on how to contral the cursor in a form with 10
textfields? is it possible without javascript?

Thanks in advance for ANY help on this,
Have a great day,

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