> Create a php script containing just <?php phpinfo(); ?>. That page will tell
> you where your php.ini is (or should be).
it told me it's in php/lib, but it's not there.
> Try this...
> $query = "INSERT INTO friends (id, firstname, surname) values
> (nextval('friends_id_seq'), ".$_POST['firstname'].", ".$_POST['surname'].")";

When I input "Wei" for firstname and Wang for surname in the form and submit,
I got error:

Warning: pg_exec() query failed: ERROR: Attribute 'andras' not found in 
/local/scratch-1/ww220/Apache1.3/htdocs/test/add2.php on line 6
ERRORERROR: Attribute 'andras' not found

ps. Philip, Great thanks for your detailed help. I still couldn't figure out how
to access $firstname. And I couldn't find php.ini, which should be the most
straightforward way to solve this.

> -- 
> Stuart

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