Does anyone know exactly what the status is on the Verisign Payflow Pro 
support for Windows?  I've read the manual and all the user submitted 
comments.  I keep seeing some reference made to a "php_pfpro.dll" that 
doesn't seem to exist.  Is it still in development?

It seems most people just exec() the PFPRO.exe, passing the arguments on 
the command line.  This seems less than ideal and I would much rather use 
straight API calls if I can.

For anyone else in this situation, what was the best 
solution?  Unfortunately, I am tied pretty much to Windows for the 
forseeable future.  What about coding a Java object to do the dirty work 
and letting PHP interact with it?

By the way, where is a good place to find out the status on current 
development on the PHP language?



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