I've noticed that many people on the list code in 'pure' php, i.e.

print "<input type='text' name='fname' size='50'>";

// etc

Since most of my code is a mixture (the early stuff is 'mixed' html + php), 
I've been wondering why code in 'pure' php? Is there some compelling reason 
(that I'm unaware of) for doing so? Should I rewrite all my earlier code into 
its 'pure' form? If so, what do I do with the '<! DOCTYPE . . . > statement 
-- put it in quotes too?

I would like to understand the reasons for writing code in this manner, when 
all my code works fine, displays great: am I missing something important 
here? Btw, I use the 'php' ending for all file names.

Your thoughts, opinions and suggestions would be greatly appreciated -- I'd 
like to do what is best.


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