I'm not sure what you mean... Is it checking that you fill in the 
correct values via PHP or that the submission works - or something else?


Andre Dubuc wrote:

>Thanks Bogdan,
>That's what I thought, but I was beginning to feel 'guilty' the more I 
>understood php. It seems to me, from my limited experience, that there's much 
>mor chance for error using 'pure' php (as in forgetting ' or " or closing 
>with ; -- but . . . 
>Actually I've found that the 'mixed' is easier to read and understand -- less 
>quotes, less 'print' to read with every line. But that's just personal taste 
>on my part.
>While I'm at it, I've also noticed that coders tend to integrate 'result' 
>pages with the 'calling' page. (That is, I have a text input, and use a php 
>function to verify it on the same page). I've tended to keep them separate 
>for de-bugging purposes. Should I consider re-writing them as well?
>On Sunday 02 June 2002 08:16 pm, you wrote:
>>No *real* reason - just two not-so-important ones:
>>1. Clarity
>>Please compare these two:
>>------ "MIXED"
>><td bgcolor="<?php echo $td_col; ?>" class="<?php echo $prefclass; ?>">
>><?php $fldcontent=$myrow[0]?$myrow[0]:"no data"; ?>
>><input type="text" name="fname" size="50" value="<?php echo $fldcontent;
>>------ "PURE"
>>  echo("<td bgcolor='$td_col' class='$prefclass'>\n");
>>  $fldcontent=$myrow[0]?$myrow[0]:"no data";
>>  echo("<input type='text' name='fname' size='50' value='$fldcontent'>\n");
>>The second is much easier to read and understand, you must agree.
>>2. Speed
>>There's an urban legend saying that switching php tags on and off would
>>slow parsing down. I don't know if that's true and try to write "pure"
>>php as you call it due to the first reason.
>>Andre Dubuc wrote:
>>>I've noticed that many people on the list code in 'pure' php, i.e.
>>>print "<input type='text' name='fname' size='50'>";
>>>// etc
>>>Since most of my code is a mixture (the early stuff is 'mixed' html +
>>>php), I've been wondering why code in 'pure' php? Is there some
>>>compelling reason (that I'm unaware of) for doing so? Should I rewrite
>>>all my earlier code into its 'pure' form? If so, what do I do with the
>>>'<! DOCTYPE . . . > statement -- put it in quotes too?
>>>I would like to understand the reasons for writing code in this manner,
>>>when all my code works fine, displays great: am I missing something
>>>important here? Btw, I use the 'php' ending for all file names.
>>>Your thoughts, opinions and suggestions would be greatly appreciated --
>>>I'd like to do what is best.

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