$Tags['issue-name']. So I could print it out. Something like, print

I was able to get a numerical representation of the array like, $Tags[5] and
the value of that tag was "RED HAT", but then I would have to know what the
position of the data I am looking for in the array. I would prefer to know
the tag name and the array and get to the data that way. I know there is a
way to do this, but I just can't figure it out. There is a lot of
information on Parsing the XML file but not getting into a useful array, or
at least that I have found easily to understand.

if(!isset($Sym)) { $Sym = 'IKN'; }
$URI = 'http://quotes.nasdaq.com/quote.dll?page=xml&mode=stock&symbol=';
$simple = implode( '', file("$URI$Sym"));

$p = xml_parser_create();

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