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On Monday 03 June 2002 17:57, you wrote:
> Hi,
> I use register_shutdown_function to regenerate my content-cache's
> data after the old page were sent. In 4.0.6 there was no problem
> with it, the connection was closed after the normal script is
> finished, and before the shutdown_registered function is started
> (which does the real work). So I could use it for gaining a "fake"
> speed in delivering pages, and it really made our system faster
> because only one process can regenerate the page in a time, the
> others simply return the old content.
> But unfortunatelly this doesn't work since 4.1.x, because after the
> normal script finishes it still holds the "line". It doesn't close
> the connection, so the browser is still waiting for data (and the
> http process is being held too).
> Is there any php.ini setting or switch for configure that I can use
> for turning off this behavior? Or is there any other reason why it
> works this way for me? If I copy the old (4.0.6) php module over
> the new one (4.1.1) it works fine.
> For the dev list: Is there any real reason for this way of
> connection handling, or it's just a side-effect of some other
> featuer?
> Thanks for your help,
>       Arpi
> p.s.:sorry for mailing this to the dev list too, but I don't know
> where can I find somebody who can help

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