I use register_shutdown_function to regenerate my content-cache's 
data after the old page were sent. In 4.0.6 there was no problem with 
it, the connection was closed after the normal script is finished, 
and before the shutdown_registered function is started (which does 
the real work). So I could use it for gaining a "fake" speed in 
delivering pages, and it really made our system faster because only 
one process can regenerate the page in a time, the others simply 
return the old content.

But unfortunatelly this doesn't work since 4.1.x, because after the 
normal script finishes it still holds the "line". It doesn't close 
the connection, so the browser is still waiting for data (and the 
http process is being held too).
Is there any php.ini setting or switch for configure that I can use 
for turning off this behavior? Or is there any other reason why it 
works this way for me? If I copy the old (4.0.6) php module over the 
new one (4.1.1) it works fine.
For the dev list: Is there any real reason for this way of connection 
handling, or it's just a side-effect of some other featuer?

Thanks for your help,

p.s.:sorry for mailing this to the dev list too, but I don't know 
where can I find somebody who can help

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