Does anybody know of any software all ready written or what would have to 
be done, to allow us to run a cyber cafe style setup.  What we need the 
software to do is to allow someone to come in and plug in their computer to 
our network (actually a customers network).  They want the following:
1.  A customer comes in and signs up starting a clock so they could charge 
the customer for the time.
2.  They want it to work for wired or wireless networks.  So when they sign 
in, it would either have to set their IP address on their machine 
automatically, or we would have to give them an IP address to put in to 
their system.
3.  It would have to send a report once a day to an email address (or 
multiple email addresses) with the days summary of time used and amount of 
money made.
4.  A regular customer could come in and use the same login each time so 
that they could track everything over long periods of time, on a per 
customer basis.  They might want to give discounts to these people and/or 
give away free stuff.  Kind of like....for every minute someone has been 
on, they get one credit point.  Those credit points can be used for 
purchasing extra time, or other products in the business.  Now, if it is 
kept in a mysql database, than that would not be hard to pull.

I know that there are cyber cafe's out there now, so I am assuming that I 
should not have to reinvent the wheel for this software.  If not, how would 
somebody go about setting this up.  Basically, if I could get it set up so 
that ALL IP addresses on the local network are not allowed in unless they 
sign in first, than what file would it have to put that IP address in and 
what would have to be restarted to allow that customer access?  Preferably, 
I would like the program to work with RedHat Linux, PHP and MySQL.

Thanks In Advance
Steve Buehler

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