Thanks for the reply.  I put that message up on three list (PHP, 
MySQL, RedHat) and this has been the only reply.  There are a lot of 
software packages that I found searching, but they are all for 
cyber cafe's that have the computers all ready set up for people to log 
into.  I have found none that would allow someone to bring in their own 
laptop and be able to just hook it up and also keep track of the time.  I 
was hoping to find one that would run the server on RedHat/PHP/MySQL and do 
what is needed.
         The customer is not actually going to be running a regular cyber 
cafe.  But for the things that they want to do, it is pretty much the same 
thing.  I guess they have some clients that travel a lot and want to come 
in and use their network when they are in town.  From what I understand, it 
is getting pretty annoying but they don't want to tell the people NO.  I 
don't know all of the details about that, I just know that they want it, so 
I am going to try and get it for them.  I have not tried to connect my 
laptop in an airport yet, but from the way it sounds, that is part of the 
type of setup that we want.
         If I can ever figure out how to do this, I will try to post the 
results to the lists so other people can use it and improve it as they see fit.


At 09:08 PM 6/3/2002 -0500, Bret Hughes wrote:
>On Mon, 3 Jun 2002, Steve Buehler wrote:
> > Does anybody know of any software all ready written or what would have to
> > be done, to allow us to run a cyber cafe style setup.  What we need the
> > software to do is to allow someone to come in and plug in their computer to
> > our network (actually a customers network).  They want the following:
> > 1.  A customer comes in and signs up starting a clock so they could charge
> > the customer for the time.
> > 2.  They want it to work for wired or wireless networks.  So when they sign
> > in, it would either have to set their IP address on their machine
> > automatically, or we would have to give them an IP address to put in to
> > their system.
> > 3.  It would have to send a report once a day to an email address (or
> > multiple email addresses) with the days summary of time used and amount of
> > money made.
> > 4.  A regular customer could come in and use the same login each time so
> > that they could track everything over long periods of time, on a per
> > customer basis.  They might want to give discounts to these people and/or
> > give away free stuff.  Kind of like....for every minute someone has been
> > on, they get one credit point.  Those credit points can be used for
> > purchasing extra time, or other products in the business.  Now, if it is
> > kept in a mysql database, than that would not be hard to pull.
> >
> > I know that there are cyber cafe's out there now, so I am assuming that I
> > should not have to reinvent the wheel for this software.  If not, how would
> > somebody go about setting this up.  Basically, if I could get it set up so
> > that ALL IP addresses on the local network are not allowed in unless they
> > sign in first, than what file would it have to put that IP address in and
> > what would have to be restarted to allow that customer access?  Preferably,
> > I would like the program to work with RedHat Linux, PHP and MySQL.
> >
> > Thanks In Advance
> > Steve Buehler
>Steve I am sitting in a cyber cafe right now in Las Vegas, and no inspite
>of what the reservations people tell you there is no highspeed internet
>connectivity in the Flamingo Hilton.  Pisses me off but I will leave that
>for tomorrow.
>Any way I have used these types of thing occationally while traveling
>probably 3 or four times but have yet to see anyone do this cleverly.  It
>is usually writting your name on a peice of paper with the time and then
>paying as you leave.
>However If I was going to try to do this I would probably start with a
>simple php generated html form that everyone should be able to use and
>have them obtain an address via dhcp but have the firewall setup to block
>all outgoing except for those that have logged in vi the php page.  THe
>phph script would of course have the ipaddress since that is part of the
>http packet and could then build a FW rule that would allow the machine to
>hit the net.
>Then logging off via the same page would then kill the rule and tell them
>how much they owe.  I don't know what happens when the shut down the
>machine without logging off but I am sure some business pratice could be
>put in place mabye a $2 stupid charge.
>If you wanted to get real fancy , I guess the php page could take a credit
>card and bill them automatically after verifying of course.
>Now, having said all that I have not seen this anywhere but would start as
>you have asking qestions and probably googling and freshmeat.
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