And the solution was? remember, other people actually search the archives
before they post, so giving the solution to your problem will help those
people out. (Even if it was something simple)

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> Correction Redhat7 :-) Got it working thanks for all the help!
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> > I have a bunch of pages on my site inside an apache .htaccess protected
> > directory. After visitors have logged in I am on part of my site I need
> > find out which user it is that has logged in. I thought this information
> was
> > stored in the $PHP_AUTH_USER variable, but when I print this variable it
> is
> > empty. Does anyone know of way to tell on apache 7 how to tell with php
> who
> > is logged in?
> PHP might not be very stable with apache 7... :)
> What version of PHP are you using? Try using the variable
> in _SERVER, someone please correct me.
> ---John Holmes...

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