Maybe you didn't see my response to your message yesterday, since I saw a
few more posts from you after I replied wondering where you can get a
php.ini file.

Just go to

Download the .tar.gz file for the version you're using from

Within, you will find "php.ini-dist" and "php.ini-recommended". Move those
out of the directory of unpacked PHP source, and delete the rest. (You won't
need it, since you have the version.)

Look through the two files.
Decide which one you like.
Edit if necessary.
Rename to "php.ini"
Upload to your /usr/lib directory on your server.

That's it!


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Subject: Re: [PHP] MacOSX / php.ini newbie question


I'm a fellow PHP'er on Mac OS X (Server) 10.1.4. : )

You need to download the full distribution from ... In
there you will find a "php.ini-dist" file and "php.ini-recommended" file.

Pick one that you like, edit as needed with BBEdit Lite (NOT TextEdit!),
rename to "php.ini" and upload to /usr/lib. Restart Apache, and the newly
installed php.ini file will be read in at that time.

Good luck!


> From: Verdon Vaillancourt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Date: Mon, 03 Jun 2002 21:15:27 -0400
> Subject: [PHP] MacOSX / php.ini newbie question
> Hi Apologies in advance if this question is simple. I haven't been able to
> find an answer...
> Is there no php.ini file in a php 4.1.2 install on MacOSX 10.1.4 (client not
> server) ? My php info/test page says that the path to the configuration file
> (php.ini) file is '/usr/lib', but it is not there (or anywhere else
> according to locate)
> Is this a file I can create myself or is there an example to be had
> somewhere?
> TIA, verdon
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