I need some help (or maybe a lot), to get PHP connecting to my Informix DB.
I'm pretty new to PHP, and i don't have a clue of what i'm doing wrong.

I'm using IIS 4.0 under Win NT 4.0.
with PHP 4.2.1

I've tried to connect throw ODBC driver, and directly from native functions
but both fail.
The messages are:
When i use ODBC:
Warning: SQL error: [INTERSOLV][ODBC Informix driver][Informix]Cannot open
file 'csql.iem' , SQL state S1000 in SQLConnect

When i use native functions:
PHP Warning: Unable to load dynamic library
'C:\Php421\extensions\php_ifx.dll' - The specified procedure could not be
found. in Unknown on line 0


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