I am having hard time passing the variable to the next page. May be you can
help me. Let me explain:

I am using mySQL database to store information about images (ID, name,
author, description, etc). I am pulling some of the information to create
this (look at the example here:
http://www.gibsonusa.com/test/page/index.php) Now, I want a new window
appear when user clicks on the image. I have achieved it with the following

echo "<script language=\"JavaScript\">";
echo" function pop1() {";
echo" window.open(\"info.php?prod_id=$result[0]\"); }"; \\ $result[0] is
variable that stores id of the image in database
echo "</script>";

I am calling this function in the following manner: echo"<img

You can see the result if you click on the image. The new page opens up, BUT
the id (product_id in this case) value is not passed to the next page
correctly. If you click on the first or second image on the first page it
shows that the ID is the same for both of them. However if you look at the
source code you can see that the ids are assigned correctly. The same thing
happens if you click on any image that says "no image available" (I am using
different script to generate those). It seems that the script picks up and
stores in the memory the value of an ID of the last image generated with the
script (I don't know if that make sense).

Oh, by the way the contents of info.php that I am calling in the script
above are as following:

$myid = $_GET['prod_id'];
echo" Product ID: $myid<br>";

What am I doing wrong? Can you help?
Thank you.

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