> echo "<script language=\"JavaScript\">";
> echo" function pop1() {";
> echo" window.open(\"info.php?prod_id=$result[0]\"); }"; \\ $result[0] is
> variable that stores id of the image in database
> echo "</script>";
> I am calling this function in the following manner: echo"<img
> onclick=\"pop1();\"";

You're not passing a value to the variable.  Try using something like: (i'm
NO java guru, and this definately isn't the list for java)...

function pop1($id) {


<img src="blah" onclick="pop1(12345)">

Where 12345 is the product ID that you assigned to variable prod_id, which
will in return be displayed in the second PHP file.  You're problem's
related to the java script, not assigning the value to the variable.  This
isn't a PHP issue.

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