Hello All Helpers!  :)

I was wondering if it is possible to mix Dynamic Content with Layers?

If not I was wondering if someone can help me with my idea:

I have designed a website for a band (see below name) and I would like to
add a feature where the band members can log in and write something, and
have it displayed on the page...i guess kinda like a guestbook, but I would
like to have the content to be overwritable..... I guess if the band members
had their own page, they could add their own content whenever they wanted
to, and it would update accordingly.

Be warned I have no background in PhP.

I would basically like to know what it is I am looking for to creating this.
I have bought Beginning PhP 4 by Wrox, and I am slowly getting into it. I
just need some direction please.




Kevin J


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