I haven't looked at the code, but doesn't strip_tags strip everything b/n
< and >?  In which case it's doing what it should below...

The only solution I see would be to change the code to look for every
possible HTML tag that exists and only do those, but with all the
nonstandard tags I don't think that would work...

what happens if you put "< >" in the second argument?

On Fri, 7 Jun 2002, Mikhail Avrekh wrote:

> Hello,
> There seem to be a couple of bugs in the strip_tags() function, one minor
> (or at least I know how to circumvent it) and one more serious.
> The minor problem is that it treats a "not-equals" sign, "<>", as an empty
> tag and strips it, unless it's explicitely set as an allowed tag
> (as in strip_tags($text,'<>') ). This is a bit awkward IMHO, but it works.
> The other problem is that it fails on the "less than" sign in the text.
> The function seems to consider it as an incomplete tag and removes it, as
> well as *all text after it to the next ">" sign*. So the following
> happens:
> <?
> $t = "Everyone knows that 2 < 3,
>       but some people still think that 2 > 3";
> $nt = strip_tags($t);
> print $nt;
> ?>
> This results in:
> %> Everyone knows that 2  3
> I've looked in the archives, the notes to the function docs (one of which
> appears to relate to the latter problem), as well as the source code for
> the function itself, but it's not obvious how the second problem can be
> circumvented or fixed. I wonder if someone might have a good, tested regex
> that acts similarly to strip_tags (strips all but the allowed tags), or if I
> can get some pointers on how to fix the source code.
> Thanks !
> M.
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